Mala Noche (1986, Gus Van Sant)

This is a monumental debut film. His use of raw sounds and lightning is captivating. This film has a soul, which is hard to say for all of van Sant’s films. Maybe amateur spirit gives birth to the boldest of creations. 4/5


Salvation by yourself

1_8l5d4c2_HV-9XRgxEPy32Q (1).jpeg

Should I

retreat into some silent space

and work it all out by myself,

I asked.


the voice said.

You should stay here and continue doing

what you are doing

and work it all out

the difficult way.

The easy way


save your soul


the difficult way


save your soul

and a few others.

So, this is your choice:

Salvation by yourself, or


together with others.

From Jonas Mekas’ masterpiece As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty

How to Talk to Girls at Parties

I can't think of a better film to write about that could help me tackle my writer's block (both academic and leisure). I have been excited to see this film because of my admiration for A24's streak of brilliantly original and lucrative films. It turned out to be much more than that.

John Cameron Mitchell, about whom I didn't know much about except for his side roles in TV comedies (lately in Amazon's Mozart in the Jungle), has done a great job writing and directing this amusing sci-fi-comedy-romance-musical. Who would have thought that a film about three coming-of-age punk kids (who give this whole film a weird In Betweeners crossover feeling)  in 70s Britain crushing an alien party could be this delightful? Elle Fanning is flourishing in her role as the cute rebellious alien who is curious to discover "the punk". In this film, you will find great music and costumes wrapping an amusing sci-fi romance story and being served with a sauce of lovely cast.


Yesilcam Film Festival in Paris

Nogozon, in partnership with Université Paris 8, is organizing a film festival focusing on the unforgettable films from the golden age of Turkish cinema. Festival Yesilcam, named after the famous street where the actors and the cast hung out during the 60s through the 80s, will bring classical Turkish cinematic treasures from the 70s to the French audience in Paris. Some of the films will be shown in French subtitles for the first time. 

If you would like to get information about the festival and screenings, you can visit our Facebook page

Blue Planet II

One of the most stunning documentary productions I have ever seen. Shots are ever more beautiful and commentary is lighter compared to the first one. The latest technology has allowed them to take the viewers to locations that were impossible to reach. The behind-the-scenes footages are also perfect. One side effect of watching this documentary series is that it makes you seriously question your life choices, if they, just like mine, including sitting down in libraries, doing obscure research on trivial matters.


Edit: Comments from New Yorker (Feb 12 & 19 issue): 

 "The nature documentary 'Blue Planet II' is oceanic in topic, tone, scope, and majesty. A production of the BBC Natural History Unit, the seven-episode series flexes it's broadcaster's mastery of a genre that it created. Over excellent footage shot on a circumglobal photo safari, the venerable narrator David Attenborough orates zoological narratives as if delivering a state-of-nature address. 'Blue Planet II' follows the network's 'The Blue Planet', from 2001, but it is less a sequel than a subsequent quest, like Apollo 14."