Blue Planet II

One of the most stunning documentary productions I have ever seen. Shots are ever more beautiful and commentary is lighter compared to the first one. The latest technology has allowed them to take the viewers to locations that were impossible to reach. The behind-the-scenes footages are also perfect. One side effect of watching this documentary series is that it makes you seriously question your life choices, if they, just like mine, including sitting down in libraries, doing obscure research on trivial matters.


Edit: Comments from New Yorker (Feb 12 & 19 issue): 

 "The nature documentary 'Blue Planet II' is oceanic in topic, tone, scope, and majesty. A production of the BBC Natural History Unit, the seven-episode series flexes it's broadcaster's mastery of a genre that it created. Over excellent footage shot on a circumglobal photo safari, the venerable narrator David Attenborough orates zoological narratives as if delivering a state-of-nature address. 'Blue Planet II' follows the network's 'The Blue Planet', from 2001, but it is less a sequel than a subsequent quest, like Apollo 14."


Kerem Kilic